6 Benefits of Living A Low-Key Life

It’s not about living silently.

Wonsuk Choi
6 min readJul 20, 2021


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I’ve been living a low-key life for the past few months. And up until now, it has been going so smoothly that I might stick with it for a while.

In a chaotic world, it’s always great to find a place to cease the noises.

It all started when I felt burned out at work. I had too many notifications popping up on my devices, here and there. I had notifications with ads, calls from a friend, spam emails in my inboxes, alarms that I’ve set wrongly, and all other noises from different apps.

Not just my phone, but I had been appointed with too many “catch-ups” with my friends after work which drained my energy day by day.

Over time, it drained all of my energy, and I needed a plan to stop all this chaos in my life. So, I decided to say no to most things that I usually said yes to. And one by one, I was able to control my life. And voila, I was able to start a low-key lifestyle from then on.

Below are the benefits I realized once I started living a low-key life.

1. No Need To Showcase Life On Social Media

It’s easy to get trap in sharing posts and stories on social media. We all love to share our life with our friends—letting them know what we are up to. At the moment of posting, it seems like we are all connected into one, and it makes us think that we are providing value to the community. However, I realized that the more I post on social media, the further apart I became from friends and people I truly valued.

You see, we all want exposure and become the person who is well-rounded with everyone and everything. But, the more we expose ourselves to social media, the more we tend to push away the people we really need in our life.

And that is because we often get too interested in the idea of sharing our life on social media that we don’t spend quality time with the people we care about when we are together.

It gets more toxic when we don’t realize that sharing on social media is just an illusion if we are not actually living in the moment. So rather than taking photos of every meal or thing we do, we can concentrate on the things in front…



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