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Personal Growth

If you’ve made a small step forward today, then you are on the right track.

Photo by Khadeeja Yasser on Unsplash

I decided not to write an article for today because I thought my mind was cluttered recently due to overwork. After writing yesterday’s article, I found out that I made many minor mistakes in my writing that I regretted. I kept saying to myself, “I should’ve proofread the article 100x times.. what an idiot”. I know that ranting on myself is not a good idea. But, having to write an article every day does make one crazy at some point.

I guess I was pushing myself too hard. No one told me that I had to do all those work…

Personal Growth

Implementing the right habit is the key.

Photo by Adam Neumann on Unsplash

Habits are one of the most fundamental aspects of life that creates who we are as we repeatedly do. As there are good habits that allow us to grow and prosper, bad habits degrade us over time. To bring positive results in our life, it’s essential to implement positive habits. Not only do our lives get better, but we also feel better as we do these habits.

Below are some of the habits that I’ve done over the past few years that allowed me to become who I am today and I’m grateful that I took these habits seriously in…


Who says doing a side job while working full time is bad?

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

In the past three years of working full-time, I have learned and executed countless side jobs. Some failed, and some worked out. Indeed, my side jobs haven’t reached my full-time income level yet, but I am confident to say that it will happen at some point in my career.

When I ask a few of my friends whether trying out for a side job, the responses are usually, “I’m too busy to do that” or “I can’t take any further risks.” …


Knowing how to leverage disorder can be a superpower.

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

Even though I clean my room every day, I somehow maintain my room to be messy all the time. It can be because I use too much of a space to do my painting works at night, or it could be because I forget to clean right before I sleep.

Entropy is all around us, and we might not realize it.

To me, entropy is the universe’s sign of order, whereas it’s a sign of disorder for modern humans standard. We want everything to be clean, sleek, and simple. However, the universe always makes it chaos in some form or…

Personal Growth

Creating and sharing the result can bring more than just satisfaction.

Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

Oftentimes, I come across a thought on what life would be like if we didn’t create anything meaningful. Will we regret it later in the future? Or will we be exhausted thinking that there is no limit to how much we can create?

Creating (something) is difficult, and I know it because my life revolves around creating something new every day. Whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, or planning, all works nowadays require some kind of creating.

We all struggle with creating, and that is totally natural. Although the process is difficult, the results are usually worthwhile.

Like how all great…

Personal Growth

Taking a break is a key component of greater productivity

Drawing By Author

I’ve taken few weeks off from writing because of my most recent trip to the United States. Being far away from an environment where I am used to being productive, it was honestly difficult to follow my aggressive productive schedule.

It felt weird at first to suddenly drop everything and do nothing for the first few days. I felt as if I was degrading my life which made me worried that I wouldn’t return to my productive state.

But that worrisome disappeared after a while, and I learned some great takeaways after having this experience.

By taking a break from…


Here’s why we need to start seeking original pieces.

Photo by Author (at Whitney Museum of American Art)

I’ve been to many museums and galleries in the past few years. I still consider myself an amateur, but as I see more artworks, I realized how important it is to integrate creativity into our lives.

One main thing I love about seeing artworks is the storytelling behind each piece. An artist usually uses different mediums to showcase his or her artwork to the audience. Whether it is oil, pencil, acryl, crayons, or chalks, as long as it portrays the artist’s expression in the piece, it makes artwork an artwork. For each piece, there comes a story as well. …

A better world can be created with our time and effort.

Photo by Fábio Lucas on Unsplash

I know that the title can be puzzling.

I recently thought that each generation has its own phase of life that is different from other generations.

For instance, all previous generations before Gen Z had not lived their early life with the technology we use today. Well, it’s not unfortunate that they did not experience the technology because they had different parts of life that they’ve enjoyed, which Gen Z would have missed.

Human life is very confusing sometimes. We are born, then we go through our childhood and teenage years, then adulthood, middle age, and the senior years. …


Being alone is a state in which allows us to grow more mature as human beings.

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

In many societies, being alone has a connotation of being lonely—and I hate that. There is no guideline in our world where we should always hang out with another person, eat out with another person, or spend all our time with another person, especially if we need time alone.

To me, staying alone has allowed me to stay focused, improve productivity, and heightened my cognitive ability overall. I can think straight about a certain topic and come up with a solution to a problem that I’ve been holding to myself for quite some time.

Whether you are an extrovert or…

Personal Growth

Ever wondered about what made you who you are today?

Image By Author

We are living in a world where consumption is overwhelming. Being selective with consumption— whether it is food, information, and experience—has become a critical skill set to live a fulfilling life.

Imagine if we only stayed in our bed for a year, watching the same tv show and doing nothing else. Expected, we will only be influenced by the tv-shows and become very limited with our knowledge about the world. Our worldview will only come from only one medium (tv for this situation), which will make us ignorant about what is really happening in our real world.

As technology evolved…

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