Personal Growth

If you’ve made a small step forward today, then you are on the right track.

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I decided not to write an article for today because I thought my mind was cluttered recently due to overwork. After writing yesterday’s article, I found out that I made many minor mistakes in my writing that I regretted. I kept saying to myself, “I should’ve proofread the article 100x times.. what an idiot”. I know that ranting on myself is not a good idea. But, having to write an article every day does make one crazy at some point.

I guess I was pushing myself too hard. No one told me that I had to do all those work…

I heard shocking news from my mother today. I will try to find a way to cope with it.

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My grandfather has been diagnosed with stomach cancer today.

My mother told me that my grandfather left the doctor’s room immediately after hearing the news about his result. It seemed he purposely left the room to avoid hearing how critical the health issue was. However, my aunt hurdled to the doctor, asked for the details, and heard he was in stage 4.

A few weeks ago, when I met my grandfather on his 80th birthday, he was very healthy and was in good shape. Never did our family knew he had a health issue at all.

Life sometimes hits us…

It’s not about living silently.

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I’ve been living a low-key life for the past few months. And up until now, it has been going so smoothly that I might stick with it for a while.

In a chaotic world, it’s always great to find a place to cease the noises.

It all started when I felt burned out at work. I had too many notifications popping up on my devices, here and there. I had notifications with ads, calls from a friend, spam emails in my inboxes, alarms that I’ve set wrongly, and all other noises from different apps.

Not just my phone, but I…

Personal Development

There is no specific habit that works for everyone, but we can find ones that work for each of us.

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We all want to live a fulfilling life. But, what is exactly a fulfilling life?

When we think of a fulfilling life, we think about having millions of dollars in our bank account and having fruitful profits from our assets coming in every month. Of course, this is a form of fulfillment that we can have (if we value money as a standard of fulfillment in life), but not everyone has this privilege. Also, not everyone prioritizes having lots of money as a fulfilling life.

My definition of a fulfilling life is when I take action that satisfies me in…


It all comes down to our mindset.

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Let’s face it. Writing is difficult.

I’ve been motivated to write for two months straight non-stop earlier this year, but it all stopped once I started giving myself a break. Momentum and consistency are something that we shouldn’t lose when we are serious about writing. But, unfortunately, once we lose the momentum, we also lose the motivation to continue. And that was my case.

Rather than being motivated for two months straight, it’s more important to be consistent for two years without feeling demotivated.

If you’ve been writing on Medium for a while, you may have noticed that writing is…

Personal Growth

Knowing how to control the ups and downs in life will help you live with ease.

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We all wish to have a lifestyle with no struggle. I, too, try my best every day to remove all the struggles I’m facing in life, but it never seems to happen so flawlessly. Some days go by so easily, but some days don’t. We are all juggling our days, finding ways to make things better, but it doesn't seem easy at times.

It can be waking up in the morning and taking a quick shower. …

Mindset Shift

The small yet powerful mental shift that can change your life.

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Recently, I watched Garry Tan’s video on his career path as a venture capitalist. For those who do not know who Garry Tan is, he is the co-founder of Initialized Capital, a former partner at Y Combinator from 2011 to 2015.

With his background of successful investment in the past, I decided to watch through the video and later realized that it’s one of the best choices I’ve made.

At the very end of the video, he stated that there are always infinite money and problems in this world that we can benefit from. …

Personal Growth

If we constantly look for approval, we are putting ourselves in sinking mud.

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When our life gets repetitive day by day, we get curious about how other people are living. But, when we scroll through social media to check up on our friends, it seems like our own life is going down the drain, whereas others are having the best time in their life. Those who are hyper-energetic will immediately do something, but we will feel a bit depressed for many of us, and it makes us feel like we are missing out in those great moments.

I know, and you know—we’ve all had this point in time.

We’re social animals, and it’s…


Here’s what I did to overcome

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A few months ago, my motivation for writing every day was hitting the ceiling. As soon as I found time in my day, I would sit down and start writing whatever came into my mind. I thought that writing would be as easy as just sitting down and typing on a keyboard. Sure, it took some time for me to write consistently, but I thought I made it to a point where my writing became automated.

Rather than wasting my time chit-chatting with friends or scrolling through social media, I would write down all the topic ideas to write about…


Non-Excitement Is Also Part Of Life

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I always thought to myself that life should be exciting—filled with joy and happiness. But, as I lived my life, I realized that not all things were that great.

There were times when I had to struggle, and there were also times when I reaped the rewards from my actions.

To increase the odds of excitement in our life, I realized that we should somehow strive through the difficulties.

It’s been almost four years since I started my corporate job, and it’s only recently that I began to feel that this hamster-wheel cycle seems to never end.

On most weekdays…

Wonsuk Choi

I write about Personal Growth, Productivity, Business, Technologies, and Life. I work as a digital marketer and I often like to take risks creating new things.

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