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Personal Growth

If you’ve made a small step forward today, then you are on the right track.

I decided not to write an article for today because I thought my mind was cluttered recently due to overwork. After writing yesterday’s article, I found out that I made many minor mistakes in my writing that I regretted. I kept saying to myself, “I should’ve proofread the article 100x times.. what an idiot”. I know that ranting on myself is not a good idea. But, having to write an article every day does make one crazy at some point.

I guess I was pushing myself too hard. No one told me that I had to do all those work…

I was never a headphone fan. I was satisfied with my Airpods until recently when I coworker talked about headphones. He was a music-enthusiast and loved talking about higher sound quality. I’m no music producer or sound critic. However, the new release of Airpods Max sparked my interest.

Then I started to research the best headphones on the market—especially the wireless ones because of their convenience. Sorry to say, I had to skip the Airpods Max (although I am an Apple enthusiast) because of the overpriced headphone that didn’t come along with the benefits comparing to other brands. …

Personal Growth

Ever wondered about what made you who you are today?

We are living in a world where consumption is overwhelming. Being selective with consumption— whether it is food, information, and experience—has become a critical skill set to live a fulfilling life.

Imagine if we only stayed in our bed for a year, watching the same tv show and doing nothing else. Expected, we will only be influenced by the tv-shows and become very limited with our knowledge about the world. Our worldview will only come from only one medium (tv for this situation), which will make us ignorant about what is really happening in our real world.

As technology evolved…

Personal Growth

It’s the hope that we need to pursue our dream.

Just a few days ago, I received my first dose of the covid vaccination. As a person who was afraid of needles and did whatever I can do to prevent myself from getting in the situation, I had found myself standing tall and brave when I got the vaccine.

I asked myself, “What may be the reason that I’m not afraid this time?”

At first, I wasn’t able to come up with an explanation.

But then, I realized that taking the vaccination had the purpose of overcoming social distancing, self-quarantine, and the chance of being ill from the virus. …

Personal Growth

An attempt is what matters.

I’m not a painter since young. In fact, I’ve started to paint recently because I’ve always told myself that one day I would become a well-known artist. Until I swept the brush on my canvas, I realized how struggling it is actually to start painting. All those materials I had to sort through and purchase and the workspace I needed to create were daunting. No one in my life told me how difficult it is actually to start painting.

I recall when I went to a modern art museum and thought I would do better if I’d done it. …

Personal Growth

Solo traveling has great benefits that can be life-changing.

Tomorrow, I will be traveling to NYC. And yes, I will be traveling alone. Especially during this time, it’s difficult to cross the border unless it’s essential. It’s a privilege to travel for me right now because I get to experience post-covid travel transformation early on (Not to mention that I’ve already managed to travel four times during the pandemic).

I guess I will have great stories to tell my grandchildren in the future. Before that time comes, I would like to share some lessons I learned by traveling alone.

I assume that many of you reading this article may…

Life Experiment—Productivity

Reading doesn’t happen for the sake of reading.

If I bring you to my house, you’ll be able to see who I am. You’ll see the shoes I wear at the entrance, the mood of my place, the books I read, and some disorganized papers around my room. At first sight, you will realize that I’m not a perfect person like someone obsessed with making all things in the right place. I have flaws like everyone, and I’m not unhappy about it—it’s what makes me “me.”

I’ve recently completed a book called ‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear, and I’ve absolutely agreed with his statement of making our environment…

Life Advice

There is a reason behind why people want to rent Shoji’s time.

Here is a man who makes a living by renting out himself to people’s request. Shoji has started offering himself since 2018 on his Twitter account, which now has over 270,000 followers. “I will lend you a person(me) who does nothing,” states his bio. It’s odd to think about this concept because we’ve never really seen anything like this before. Some may say it’s unique, whereas some may say it’s nonsense.

At a price set for 10,000 Japanese yen plus transportation and food fees, anyone can hire Shoji to be aside for a given session. …

Future Technology

Let’s make a bet— I believe that everyone will have a personal VR device by 2040.

As of 2020, the Virtual Reality (VR) Market was valued at $17.25 Billion, and it is expected to reach $184.66 billion by 2026. Some of the big players are Sony, Oculus (Facebook), HTC, and Microsoft—moreover, it’s expected that many big companies will start entering the market very soon.

The stats have already shown that 6 million VR headset units have been sold just in the first three months of 2021 and will likely grow at a fast pace — which gives us a sign that VR will be here for the long haul. The year 2020 has given VR to…

Short Story

Just an abrupt thought about cigarettes.

Disclaimer: The following article for an entertainment purpose only. The intention is not to induce more smoking, instead, it is to inform the audience of the negative side of smoking.

Pull that trigger. Light up the fire like your burning desire. Lit up the smoke and inhale. Feel the dopamine burst through your blood — feel all the goodness we can have in this world. The feeling of empowerment, success, and triumph like we won the war. Relax and feel it until it fades.

Finished? No worries. One more puff, and you are in this game again. Two this time…

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