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Can A Fidget Toy Improve Our Focus At Work?

We never know until we try it.

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When I was young, I always loved to play with my hands. I liked to fidget with any object that was surrounding me. We’ve probably all had this experience once in our lifetime. However, once we become adults, we tend to move on with our toys and never come back. But, I believe that toys should not always be for children. It can be helpful for all ages when used correctly.

Once I became an adult, I thought it was unnecessary to play around with a toy like anyone would say. I remember my mom telling me that “I’m too old to be playing around with toys” when I was about eleven years old. After then I stopped playing around with toys until recently I stumbled across a study from NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering Researchers saying they revealed that fidgeting with toys can improve our productivity.

Immediately then, I’ve purchased a neo-cube (a magnetic ball) that I now fidget around during my work and productive hours.

*And please note that I am not advertising neo-cube in any way.*

Since then, the neo-cube has been my favorite toy that I carry around wherever I go. I have no idea how long I will be obsessed with this toy, but as long as it helps me stay focused and productive, I will be keeping it until the effect fades out in the future. (or maybe, I might try out different fidget toys)

Using a fidget toy helped me tremendously during my productive hours. It allowed me to read more, reduce stress levels, and increased my attention span.

Below are the times when I used my neo-cube for my productivity burst:

When I Read

I tend to lose my focus after 30 mins in after reading. And when that happens, I reach out to my neo-cube and fidget around and resume my reading. It immediately helps me focus and better retain the information that I consume. It’s hard to tell how effective it is in terms of metrics, but I realize that I can memorize more of the longer-term content. And because it also helps me keep my focus, I was able to complete most of my readings.

Before fidget toys, I tend to only read short articles. Now, I can read a longer-form article without any issues.

When I Listen To A Podcast Or Audiobook

Podcast and audiobook are similar to when I read. But it’s slightly different. Often when I listen to a podcast or audiobook, there are times when I lose focus. With a fidget toy, I can be more imaginative based on the content I am listening to. Playing around with a toy allows me to construct a virtual space in my mind that I can increase my retain level.

When I Relax On My Bean-Bag

My favorite time of the day is when I come home after work and sit on my bean-bag. Adding a fidget toy to this has upgraded my quality of life—to me, this is the best feeling I can repeat daily.

It helps me stay calm yet allows me to clear my mind—allowing me to stay sharp and focused as I relax for 10–20 minutes before I head to the gym for a daily workout.

Should you give it a try? I would say yes if you haven’t yet. Because you never know how it will help you before you try it out. And also, life should be experimental. You should seek to try many different things for you to grow and learn. Fidget toys can be your next stop.

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