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Every Action We Take Is Not A Missed Opportunity Of Other Possible Scenarios

We connect as we go.

Wonsuk Choi
3 min readSep 15, 2021


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The concept of time passing has always limited my action to do things that I enjoy because I always wanted to make the right decision not to regret later on in life.

And I believe many people are in similar situations. We all want to take a safe and secure pathway-which is great-however, in certain circumstances, it limits our true potential in what we can become.

Unfortunately, our society seems to have built this notion that we have to go on a particular path to become successful and happy, and it seems to be working for many people.

The idea is that we need to go to school, get a good-paying job, buying our home, pay off debt, and retire (if we possibly save enough).

I’m not saying that this route isn’t wrong; however, we are missing many golden opportunities on the way.

We miss in between the other options we can choose to take-for instance, the possibility of starting our own business, traveling the world, or taking high risk for something grand.

We have many different choices we can choose along the way. But, there is good news. Although you choose a pathway that everyone else takes, there is no need to regret it. And that is because those experiences often lead to one another in the grand scheme.

I’ve personally feared falling off from the traditional path since I was young. Living in an environment of strict rules, I was constantly pressured down to only focus on other people’s (family and friend) priorities. However, I managed to still find a loophole in between and continued to do what I truly wanted, which led me to my current creative career.

It’s mind-blowing to think that the past will never come back, and the second you choose to do one thing, you immediately miss the opportunity for all the other possibilities.

The more I thought about it; I got into this cycle of a never-ending loop of decision fatigue. And it was until recently; I realized that taking one pathway didn’t mean that I missed all other opportunities. Instead, I started to think that my past actions have…



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