Hello, Generation Z. Let’s Be The Generation Who Can Say Sorry To Our Next Generations.

A better world can be created with our time and effort.

I know that the title can be puzzling.

I recently thought that each generation has its own phase of life that is different from other generations.

For instance, all previous generations before Gen Z had not lived their early life with the technology we use today. Well, it’s not unfortunate that they did not experience the technology because they had different parts of life that they’ve enjoyed, which Gen Z would have missed.

Human life is very confusing sometimes. We are born, then we go through our childhood and teenage years, then adulthood, middle age, and the senior years. Life looks like a linear pathway, but it’s more complex when we look closely enough.

Sometimes, life can feel too much of a hassle.

We always have to be chased by the merciless time that always progresses forward. Whether we use it well or not, it won’t matter because all of our choices make us who we are. The time keeps going and going until we realize that it’s too late to go back. Only if there is a technology that we can go back in time, we may make some tweaks, but the future outcome can still never be predicted. I guess it is what makes life beautiful but quite fierce at times.

Our older generation has to move on and leave the world behind us. And the previous generation follows up the same way. It looks as if this cycle has continued since the beginning of humanity.

But, one thing we know for sure is that nothing is permanent.

We never know what will happen in the future. Heck, we don’t even know what will happen to us in the next few seconds.

Generation Z, as well as all generations, are all courageous when it comes to life. We live life to the fullest as we live day in and day out. Even if we feel like we didn’t do much to this world on an ordinary day, we, as a whole, are progressing to a better future.

The future is bright for the next generations as long as we can maintain a good society and environment to live peacefully for the next generations to come.

When we leave the planet at some point in our life, the result of our work towards this world is left as a legacy whether it is planting more trees or disposing of too many wastes, every decision we make when we are alive matters—not only environmental issues but also the social structures.

There are many conflicts between gender inequality in Korea, especially within the 20s and 30s, whereas the older generations are not having too much trouble. It’s not only Korea but also the pandemic that has brought too much negativity in this world between people. It created more inequalities, violence, and loss of hopes.

I’m sad to see how we are hurting too much of ourselves and others.

But, do you also notice how we are still striving for a better future?

Humanities have been through many struggles throughout history, but we still fought to create a better future for everyone. We’ve created organizations for people in need, saving planet earth and making the world more peaceful.

Our efforts should not go down the drain. More importantly, the current generations should ensure that these foundations are maintained continually to secure and long-last humanity's future.

There is an end to everything, but we can extend the time in-between.

As the universe keeps throwing us entropy, we can fight back as long as we put in the time and effort.

And especially for Generation Z, who are going through difficult times, we should stay strong and push ourselves for a better future. A future is brought by teamwork, collaboration, and partnership rather than hatred, separation, and disruption.

Let’s make sure that we can all take responsibility for what we leave behind.

Writer, Painter, Digital Marketer, and a Creative Thinker | Writing: Personal Growth, Productivity, Business, Technologies & Art | https://wonsukchoi.net/

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