Is It Better To Write Headline(s) Before Writing The Content?

This can save you a lot of time.

Wonsuk Choi
3 min readMar 5, 2021


I assume that most writers on Medium will be writing headlines before they start writing the content. It’s an automated habit that nearly all writers have, but we often don’t think about the benefits of writing the headline first.

When I recently started writing every day, I was overwhelmed with where to start. I often made the mistake of writing the content first and then came up with the headline. Usually, it took me more time to think about the headline than to write the article.

So, instead of writing the content first, I thought to myself, “Will it be better if I start writing the headline first?”

And this was when I started writing headlines before I wrote the article. There was a big difference between writing before headline and after headline.

Here are some advantages that I learned when I wrote the headlines first:

I Understood Which Niche It Will Fit

By writing down the headline, I exactly knew which niche/category the writing will fit in. Say that I wrote an article with the headline, “# of Benefits When You Drink 1L Water Every Day”. Then, I will know that the article will fit perfectly into healthy drinks, health, fitness, and lifestyle categories. And this will automatically help me learn who the readers will be. For this instance, it will surely be people who are interested in their health and well-being.

Knowing The Headline Allowed Me To Research With Ease

Now that I know the headline, I can research the number of benefits to drinking 1L of water daily and think about a day when I drank that amount of water.

I can incorporate some research results and add them into my article. I can also see how others have been benefiting from drinking 1L of water daily. I can also include my personal experience to showcase my own opinion.

Knowing what to research is a great relief because from this point on, it is relatively straightforward.



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