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It’s Not Too Late, But Soon It Will Be Late.

Better to make the right decision now

A fast-lane lifestyle gravitates us to quicker decision-making. And, the choices that we make in these moments shape who we will be in the future. If we can choose our life's direction with our current choices, which options will we take? A choice that leads us to a fulfilling life? Or a choice that will make us fall into an endless tunnel of regrets? For me, I chose to go with the former.

You see, we may all know how to live a life of no regret. Yet, we still take actions that lead us to fall apart somehow. What have we done wrong? To be exact, we did nothing wrong. We chose what was right for us in each moment. The comfortable ones. And that is because our human brain always seeks comfort. It is a comfort of staying in, doing the same work, and meeting the same people.

I know how it’s like.

There are days when we do not want to do anything — stormy days or cold days, or maybe all days.

As a person who also loved my comfort zone, I can tell you about how easy it is to stay in the same cycle over and over. But, on the other hand, there are no changes I could expect to happen. Low risk, low reward—right?

The comfort zone doesn’t want you to bring greater wealth, health, body, relationship, and mind. Instead, It wants you to keep yourself aside so that you can spend more time with it.

Okay, enough with the chit-chat. Let’s dive into the main point.

If you want to transform your life positively, then action will be required.

And those actions should be taken right now, right at this moment. Not just any action, but actions that pinpoint your goal in each category in life.

Whether it is to be fit, more financially independent, a better relationship, and so on.

Our goal is not to see the result immediately. We aim and throw the dart in the right direction so that we can hit that bullseye.

First, I would like to break down the main aspects of life: Work, Personal, and Relationship. Here are some ways to shift your mindset in these big sections so that you can adjust to a newer goal.

Work Dream (Work)

My dream job when I was young was to become an investor. I still do. However, to be an investor, I learned that there were prerequisites I needed to go through. Having to invest just $100 on stock makes you an investor, but it is not an investor that I wish to become. I wanted to be a person who invests in myself for the betterment of my future. Sounds cliche, but I believe that this is the best dream job that I’ve ever imagined.

Many entrepreneurs say that investing in ourselves is the best investment we can make—especially if we are young. To become a life-long investor, I focused on improving my intellectual abilities by learning as much as I can whether it is stocks, marketing, writing, reading, and working. I chose to be more intentional with how I spend my time.

Not everyone has the luxury to choose how they want to spend their time. There are times when we are really busy with our lives. However, we shouldn’t make an excuse saying that we are “too busy” too often. Because you know, at some point, that’s a lie. I'm not too fond of it when people say that they don’t have time. We always have time— and it’s just how we manage it correctly.

Being able to invest in learning for our future doesn’t always have to be done during free-hours. Instead, we can always incorporate small learnings in between our working hours or in small breaks. I’ve tried it, and it worked.

By incorporating learning into our time continually, it soon becomes our habit, and we will see ourselves reading or learning wherever we go.

I realized that I was obsessed with reading when I enjoyed the time for myself. I’ll be reading few extra minutes before my friends arrive. I’ll be reading while I wait for my Starbucks coffee. And, I'll also be reading while I ride any transportation. No excuse.

These small-time compiled over time and enabled me to broaden my knowledge in many different subjects. It helped me talk fluently with anyone from any background. It also helped me improve my work and productivity as it allowed me to see the same thing from a different perspective. I was becoming a high-level thinker.

Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it. He who doesn’t, pays it.”—Albert Einstein

Compounding is real. Whether it is money or knowledge, it all applies the same way. Don’t just “dream” for your dream job to arrive at your doorstep. Instead, use the compounding power to elevate your life.

Fulfillment (Personal)

I always thought that fulfillment in life only comes when I reach a certain point. I’d often say, “If I complete minimalism, then I will feel calm and happy” or “If I lose 5kg, then I will feel super confident”. Every time I achieved these goals, a new problem arose and made me look for the next thing.

Next thing I can rely on so that I will feel ___________. This goes on and on over our lifetime. You may as well had this experience in the past. Most of my friends did when they thought their lives would be in the best shape possible when they got into a prestigious university. But when I talked to them now, they are stressed about getting into a better job or raising more salaries. From the perspective of a bigger picture, it seems like we are running a hamster-wheel. It never seems like satisfaction can bring us true fulfillment in life.

But I have good news to share.

We can always feel fulfilled every day in our life. And that is by being grateful for things—even small things—that happens to our life every day.

For instance, I am grateful that I can have a morning coffee to boost my productivity. I am grateful that I worked out today. I am grateful that I finished all my tasks for today—and so forth.

If we put greater satisfaction into the small things that we do each day, our life will be more fulfilled. Taking action to allow the ordinary to be a fulfillment will make us happier. It will also allow us to maintain motivation for the long-term, leading to consistency and perseverance. In the end, it’s not how we should find fulfillment in the result, but in the process.

Toxic People (Relationship)

For me, it was difficult to distinguish the toxic people from my life. I’ve always thought that people can change and become better. But I was totally wrong. There may be some exceptions, but if someone does not appreciate you the way they want to be appreciated, then it’s not worth the time to spend with them.

When I was younger, I believed that having more friends would allow me to upgrade my relationship. But, I later realized that the more people I interacted with, it only caused more trouble than good. It’s an essential skill set to learn who you want to hang out with. I try to keep like-minded people in my surroundings and also seek people who are different as well. But, we should always keep distance between people who will only make you spend your time, money, and emotion without being thanked.

By removing toxic people in my life allowed me to feel more peaceful. I did not have to get distracted or even be stressed out because of toxic individuals. And I also try to be a person who is not toxic to the people around me. In the end, what goes around comes around.

Life is too short to spend our choices on things that don’t elevate us. It’s not too late now, but it can be late very soon. So, be courageous and take action that will lead your life to positivity. We all can do it.

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