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My Painting Is Not Great, But That’s A Good Thing

An attempt is what matters.

Painting by Author

I’m not a painter since young. In fact, I’ve started to paint recently because I’ve always told myself that one day I would become a well-known artist. Until I swept the brush on my canvas, I realized how struggling it is actually to start painting. All those materials I had to sort through and purchase and the workspace I needed to create were daunting. No one in my life told me how difficult it is actually to start painting.

I recall when I went to a modern art museum and thought I would do better if I’d done it. But I take that back.

It’s not only for painting, but this links to every job or skillsets that we can think of.

When I first started writing, I didn’t know how hard it was to write an article every day. When I first started commuting, I never knew how much time it would take from my life. And when I began to make any of the habits that I do today, I consistently underestimated the time and effort required.

Many of us fall into the trap of doing anything when we put the time and effort. But, not many of us execute that action.

Like how a newborn learns to speak and walk, we should remind ourselves that we will always fail at first. And like newborns, we shouldn’t neglect the things that we were meant to do.

If I compare my recent article to the first article, my writing has improved significantly after I wrote daily for few months. Putting in the time and effort, no matter how busy or exhausted I was, allowed me to grow as a person who can become a better writer over time.

Contrarily, there are times when we don’t see our growth.

What makes it so difficult for creative work is that we can never see how we are improving.

If we had to study for an exam, we would know our own progress by taking the mock test. But, creative work doesn’t have a test or a metric that allows us to track which stage we are in.

On some occasions, our growth can progress and fall back to square one or even below the level of our first attempt.

And in this case, we lose hope and motivation that pushes us further. Our burning desire diminishes, and we feel as if we wasted our time.

All great artists, all great achievers, and all great people in this world have been through the same struggle. We are not alone. And even our future generations will still struggle when the time comes.

The difference comes when we accept the failure and believe that our future attempts will get better.

One article at a time, we can write thirty articles by the end of the month.

One canvas at a time, we can pile up our paintings and see our progress.

One book at a time, we can implement it in our conversation with people around us.

My recent attempt to paint is an act of courage I took to do creative work continually. I do not care if my work is perceived as an amateur by the public. I stand in my own style and will continue to modify it in the coming future.

I’ll use different brushes, techniques, colors, styles, themes, images, and ideas to push the limit beyond my expectations.

Some day I’ll paint better than before, someday I won’t. One day, it’ll be perceived as excellence by the crowd, or it may just stay where it is now forever.

Don’t fear our attempts.

We all suck at first, and there’s no way around it.

Natural talent still requires persistence for excellence.

Acquired talent also requires persistence for excellence.

Life is unfair but fair at the same time.

If you’ve started something new recently, be brave to fail and get criticized. But, don’t stop yourself trying. We are not perfect, and imperfection makes us human after all.

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