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One Tiny Step Is Better Than Nothing

If you’ve made a small step forward today, then you are on the right track.

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I decided not to write an article for today because I thought my mind was cluttered recently due to overwork. After writing yesterday’s article, I found out that I made many minor mistakes in my writing that I regretted. I kept saying to myself, “I should’ve proofread the article 100x times.. what an idiot”. I know that ranting on myself is not a good idea. But, having to write an article every day does make one crazy at some point.

I guess I was pushing myself too hard. No one told me that I had to do all those work each day. It’s me who assigned those work to be done. I always have been overwhelmed but never rebelled. It made me wonder how I hadn’t had burnout until today.

It’s definitely a burnout that I am feeling now, but not that kind that lasts for days and weeks. It’s just a small burnout that I can get back up and work immediately. This was the principle I had with me when I started writing immensely, knowing that I will have burnout someday. My friends told me that I am burned out today, but after I told him that I can get back up right away, he asked me:

“How do you do that?”

Well, it’s pretty simple.

Making progress is hard. We all know it. It is hard because we have to push ourselves out of our comfort zone and make results. We often believe that the result is what matters the most. Instead, it’s the progress that is the most important

At work, we might try to work hard to show others that we are disciplined and hard-working. We might try to clean up our home (just before anyone arrives) to show that we are always tidy. However, these are just an illusion that we show to others. Yes, it does show results but we are often hooked on the result than the progress itself.

To truly grow as a person, we need to implement a mindset that not all things we do have to be the result.

Say reading, for instance. We read and obtain more knowledge, but it doesn’t show how much smarter we’ve become. With a constant effort of reading over time, it allows us to write and speak better. We might not know the difference, but by then, people will tell us that we’ve changed.

And for me, writing every day was difficult. I do make countless mistakes when I write. However, I know that with all these failures, I will be able to become better. We can’t always be good at the same thing all the time. There are times when we suck, and there are times when we are incredible. So, I don’t try to glorify my writing result—instead, I try to love the act of writing. It’s the joy of the creative process that makes writing enjoyable for me.

We can achieve a world record during our ordinary lives. It doesn’t always happen at the sight when it is judged. We may be setting our own personal records even without knowing it. If you’ve been writing every day like me, then realize that we’ve already set a record in our life to write every day—which we wouldn’t have done any other time in our life.

So, set aside the failure mindset and keep pushing ourselves even during the rainy days. We’ll never know how our small steps will soon create massive success in our life.

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