What I learned from customer satisfaction and the impact of it

It’s my first time writing a medium post. I have always had in mind to write blog articles several years ago but did not have the urgency to pursue. But I hope that this first article helps me to write the next article!

My first article will be about customer satisfaction and the dramatic virtuous cycle brings as a result.

I work as an online marketer in the medical industry. I would say that the experience of customer(or prospect) significantly differ on which industry they are at. But for me, customer satisfaction was the key component to achieving the business result.

It is very important to be in the perspective of the customer when it comes to marketing. I would often think as I am the person inquiring for a treatment/procedure at the clinic that I work and read the emails and posts and see if I am getting the information I want. Then, I self-check the way I send the messages to the customer and see if I am actually helping them achieve what they want. By having this constant process of reading and modifying the contents, it has helped me create a “all-in-one” marketing email that answers majority of the customer’s questions and concerns.

By having this set up, it has increased the satisfaction rate of our customer. The result was shown recently when I requested our patients to write us a Google Local Review and received all 5 stars for their satisfactory.

It not only stops from the online communication, but also applies offline when the patient visits you. I tend to make patient’s experience more comfortable by over-informing. For instance, I would explain the details with examples and further let the patient know what the next steps will be and make sure to have all information in one .

By informing the patient, they did not feel overwhelmed but rather felt more comfortable following the processes that I’ve told them.

This step allowed the patient to expect certain level of experience rather than expecting more. Also, helps them to believe that the process is transparent and nothing is hidden beneath. By informing the patient with more information, it also helped reduce the same questions or action to be taken repetitively.

Maybe it is just for the medical industry, but it can be similarly applied to any industry that requires a significant amount of information to be transferred to the prospects.

My journey is still in progress and I will be writing more details on “how-to’s” and the processes I take to accomplish customer satisfaction.

Thank you for reading,