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Your Net Worth Is Your Net Value Provided To Others

It’s not all about money in the end.

Wonsuk Choi
3 min readSep 13, 2021


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We’ve come to a stage where people value individuals based on how much money they have. I know this for a fact because whenever I type in well-known individuals on Google, the automated search box also showed “[individual] net worth.” It’s amazing to see how these people have amassed a fortune that most of us won’t even earn in hundreds of years. The world of capitalism sometimes really amazes me because there seems to be no ceiling.

On the other hand, I was curious whether a person’s net worth always has to do with the amount of their asset.

I’ve recently asked my followers a question on my Bitclout feed to see whether they’d choose $100,000 in cash right now or 100,000 subscribers on their email list. Although the response varied, many have chosen the latter option. And I would also choose the subscribers over the immediate cash because of the following reasons:

1. Money comes and goes.

Money is great. I won’t deny it.

It allows us to purchase goods or services that elevate our lifestyle with ease. Without money, it’s definitely hard to stay afloat in a society where everything seems to be based on price tags.

However, there is a limitation to money if we don’t spend it consciously.

Unless we spend our cash on investment, most of the other expenses are one-time only. Therefore, we can’t really use wealth numerous times because it only takes one transaction from our hands to others.

Simply Stated: Money always flows to the value providers, not consumers.

2. Immediate cash is just one-time value, whereas people (subscribers) are lifetime value

Businesses use the term LTV (lifetime value) when they talk about the customers in their business, and there is a reason for it.

Rather than seeking one-time purchases from their customer, they want to make sure to sustain their customer for the long run. If a customer gets a good impression of the brand, they will likely come…



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